Water Pump & Flood Clean Up

Water pump & flood clean up is a service we provide after major flood damage.  This is unquestionably one of the most destructive events your home can experience and also one of the most emotionally stressful events you may ever experience.

Floods and water damage from major storms can affect your entire home, ceilings, walls, flooring and of course, your basement.

There are a lot of different issues to consider when trying to restore and repair your home from from major flood water damage and not all of them are intuitive.

We have a 24/7 Emergency Response For Water Damage Cleanup, Flood Damage, Sewage Damage, Clean Up Service and Restoration Service.

Emergency Flooding Repair & Pipe Bursts in York and surrounding areas.

Quick response to deal with leaks, bursting pipes and other floods.


At RFI Services, we define a flood as any situation that puts water where it doesn’t belong. Flooding emergencies can cause a great deal of damage.

Many homes experience some sort of water damage, often the result of internal plumbing failures (i.e. hot water heater flooding, washing machine hose flooding or dishwasher flooding) or natural disasters like river flooding.

Prompt, expert action minimizes damage

Water leaks and flooding can happen for numerous reasons. Regardless of the cause, one rule always applies: Get expert repair services as soon as possible. With many years in the disaster recovery business, RFI Services have the resources and the dedication to respond quickly and effectively to your emergency.

Thanks to our full-service capability, we can stop the leak, pump out a flooded basement or crawl space, replace failed plumbing components, and provide drying and dehumidification, clean up and sanitizing.  Leaving the affected area safe for you and your family

Fast action is essential. When a house floods for any reason, it should be pumped out as quickly as possible to minimize moisture damage and mold problems.

Whether your home is flooding from a plumbing failure, from groundwater, or is simply moldy and humid, our experts have the skills, training, and professional experience to solve water problems.

A home damaged by water or flooding should be repaired right away to prevent further damage from mold and rot.

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